Frequently asked questions

Where are the classes held?

Our classes are held in St John the Evangelist Church on Hills Road (CB2 8RN). We will meet you in the entrance and show you where to go. There is parking at the venue.

Do I have the right level of experience for your classes?

Pre-requisits are outlined in the course or class description. If you're still not sure please don't hesitate to get in touch via our emai address. We understand that attendees will have a range of experience, so Lesley will be sure to understand your level of competence while the lessons proceed. She will be able to give you hints and tips along the way to make sure you are getting the most out of the classes

I'd like to sign up to a course but I can't make the time/day. What shall I do?

Please register your interest by getting in touch with us via our email address. It may be that we are able to change the time of a class depending on the other attendees

I'd like to learn to sew but I don't have a sewing machine. What shall I do?

Unfortunately we aren't able to lend out sewing machines, but we would like to hear from you so that we can understand how we can improve our classes. Please do get in touch and let us know what you're interested in learning. Please do also keep a lookout for our family fun classes!

Will the classes be safe?

We will be taking every necessary precaution to make sure that your classes are safe during the COVID pandamic. We ask you to wear masks when entering and exiting the building as well as when movign around. A full risk assessment will be completed.